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The Chattanooga Regional Homeless Coalition exists to lead, coordinate, and strengthen efforts to prevent and end homelessness throughout Southeast Tennessee.

Housing is a
Human right

If you are currenly experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity, click below for resources that are here to help.

If you are experiencing homelessness and in need of a housing assessment, click here.

Together, we can end homelessness

Homelessness is a problem that affects people of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances. It can be a difficult and daunting problem to solve, but it is one that we can overcome together.

Help us make a difference in the lives of people experiencing homelessness.

Since 1995, CRHC has been serving 11 counties of Southeast Tennessee as the leader in maximizing resources for people living in conditions not meant for human habitation.

Testimonials: From Hopeless to Hopeful

We are so grateful for the support of our donors and volunteers. Their generosity has made it possible for us to provide homes and help to thousands of people in need.


I love what the Coalition does for this city. They not only help displaced people directly, they also help other organizations provide compassionate care. Safe housing should be a right, but until then, I’m glad we have the coalition to help with those most affected.

Christina Sacco



Huge shoutout to the folks at the Chattanooga Regional Homeless Coalition. They are really doing great work in the city to combat homelessness and assist our unhoused neighbors.

Mark Thomas



I love them for all they do

Paul Miller


Did you know?

There are over 3,000 people experiencing homelessness in the United states on any given night.

The number of people experiencing homelessness has increased by 20% in the past two years.

The majority of people experiencing homelessness are families with children.

People experiencing homelessness are more likely to be veterans, people with disabilities, and people of color.

Join Us as Chief Executive Officer!

Are you a compassionate leader with the drive to make a meaningful difference in the lives of the homeless? We are actively seeking a dedicated Chief Executive Officer to spearhead our mission of providing shelter, support, and hope to those in need. If you have a heart for social impact and a proven track record of driving change, we want to hear from you!

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(423) 710 -1501

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