Public Notice Of CoC Application Process


July 23, 2019

FY 2019 Continuum of Care Notice Of Funding Availability

TN-500 Application Process

Request for proposals from renewal applicants and new project applicants

The NOFA is available on the HUD Exchange


The Chattanooga Regional Homeless Coalition (CRHC) annually applies for funds under the United States Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Continuum of Care Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA). The Continuum of Care (CoC) application includes a community strategy to prevent and ultimately end homelessness in our region along with data and outcomes related to local initiatives. The CRHC submits renewal applications for existing high performing programs. All project applicants (New, Renewal, Bonus, and DV Bonus) must submit applications in esnaps (the HUD online portal for CoC applications by August 30, 2019. A hard copy of the application must be delivered to the offices of the Chattanooga Regional Homeless Coalition by 4:00pm on August 30th for review and ranking.  The address is 600 N. Holtzclaw Ave. Chattanooga, TN 37404.

Area nonprofit organizations, public housing authorities, or units of local government may apply to be included in the Continuum of Care application.

The HUD CoC NOFA process is a competitive grant process and, as such, completion of an application is not a guarantee that a project will receive funding.

A 25% match requirement applies to all CoC funded programs.

In addition to New and Renewal projects, the CRHC is also accepting project applications for Bonus Funding in amounts up to $124,013.

Priority will be given to applicants that are willing to serve multiple or all 11 counties of our Continuum of Care (Bledsoe, Bradley, Franklin, Grundy, Hamilton, Marion, McMinn, Meigs, Polk, Rhea and Sequatchie)  Bonus Funding, including Domestic Violence (DV) funds, must be for the PH-RRH component type (Rapid Re-Housing). Information about PH-RRH is available in the FY2019 CoC NOFA and 24 CFR 578.37.

For FY2019 the U.S. Congress has designated funding for survivors of Domestic Violence under the DV Bonus program.  Interested DV service providers are encouraged to contact the CRHC to participate in this process. Our CoC is eligible to apply for up to $222,519 in DV Bonus funding.

If a project is chosen for inclusion in the 2019 CoC application, the nonprofit organization, public housing authority, or unit of local government applicant must complete a SAM registration, an electronic applicant profile, an electronic application, and additional information, as required by HUD. Inclusion in the CoC application is not a guarantee of award. HUD makes the final decision on all awards.

The CoC Rank and Review Committee will score all applications based on objective criteria. The scoring rubric will be posted at  Programs will be ranked in order of funding priority based on information in the electronic application and previous program performance.

If selected for inclusion in the CoC application to HUD, whether a renewal project or new proposed project, there is no guarantee that HUD will approve the project. Additionally, selected projects may be reduced by the rank and review committee or by HUD.

Proposal Requirements

New proposals must create new project in accordance with the guidelines established by HUD in the FY2019 CoC NOFA. A match of 25% is required. No guarantee of award is made as HUD makes the final decisions on funding. Applicants who have not previously received Continuum of Care funds are encouraged to apply under this notice as long as the applicant has a current DUNS number, is registered in the SAM registry, has no unresolved findings related to a Federal Government grant, and has the financial capacity to administrate the program.

Applications should indicate the applicant’s capacity to manage federal funds as well as the applicant’s current experience with individuals, families, or youth experiencing homelessness, current services provided, and how the proposed housing will coordinate with existing programs and services.

In addition to completing the electronic application in e-snaps, each applicant will be required to submit the following to the CRHC on or before 8/30/2019:

Most recent independent audit or financial review and match certification: should demonstrate experience with federal funds and contain no unresolved findings or no unresolved federal debt (threshold requirement), copy of your 501(c) 3 document and Secretary of State registration certificate: must be current (threshold requirement), and copy of your SAM registration: must be current (threshold requirement).

As the TN-500 Continuum of Care HMIS Lead, the CRHC intends to apply for HMIS funds (Homelessness Management Information System) and Coordinated Entry System funds.

The FY 2019 Continuum of Care Program NOFA can be found on the HUD Exchange.

If you have questions regarding the proposal, please contact Mark Williams at 423-710-1501 ext. 7 or