CoC FY 2022 NOFO Project Ranking Results

2022 Regular HUD Continuum of Care NOFO Ranking



As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency and to comply with HUD internal requirements for NOFO excellence, the Rating and Ranking of projects is listed below.


It is important to note that NO projects were rejected from the competition.


Two new projects were submitted for funding in the CoC Competition:

1. SETHRA, a permanent supportive housing project focused on 10 counties outside of Hamilton

2. VBHCS, a permanent supportive housing project focused on Hamilton County


One new project was submitted for funding under the Domestic Violence Bonus Funds:

     1.  Partnership for Families, Children and Adults, a Transitional Housing – Rapid Rehousing project focused on victims


CRHC Coordinated Entry and HMIS                                                           Ranked 1                                                                         

CRHC HMIS                                                                                                Ranked 2

VBHCS CoC Rapid Rehousing Hamilton                                                    Ranked 3

City of Chattanooga CoC Rapid Rehousing                                                 Ranked 4

VBHCS PSH Jo Johnson                                                                              Ranked 5

VBHCS Rapid Rehousing Rural Counties                                                   Ranked 6

CCK Permanent Supportive Housing                                                           Ranked 7

AIM Family Housing                                                                                    Ranked 8

VBHCS Permanent Supportive Housing Hamilton (New)                           Ranked 9

SETHRA Rural Permanent Supportive Housing (New)                               Ranked 10


PFCA TH-RRH DV Bonus                                                                           Ranked 11 as a DV Bonus project