Blueprint Analysis

Board of Directors and Advisory Board
Blueprint Analysis Review

Almost 10 years ago, through the partnership of the City of Chattanooga and the Chattanooga Regional Homeless Coalition, community leaders developed a plan to end homelessness. In 2003 The Blueprint to End Chronic Homelessness in the Chattanooga Region in Ten Years set the path to expand permanent housing options, increase access to services and supports, prevent homelessness, and establish planning and coordination. Again in 2007 this partnership brought together community leaders to examine community progress and revise the plan. As a result the 2007 Blueprint to End Homelessness in the Chattanooga Region materialized.

Today, near the end of the 2003 timeline and halfway through the 2007 timeline, the Chattanooga Regional Homeless Coalition in partnership with the City of Chattanooga has developed the Blueprint Analysis. Through this document the Chattanooga Regional Homeless Coalition attempts to articulate the community accomplishments in implementing the Blueprints' recommendations and set the goals, moving forward, to end homelessness in the Chattanooga region.

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